2022 Riesling Pilot



Produkt enthält: 1500 ml

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Special vineyards produce special wines. This was most certainly the case with our new, barrel-aged Riesling.

These beautifully ripe grapes were hand harvested on the foggy morning of October 12, 2022 in a small vineyard below the historic Paulskirche, clinging to the steep slopes of the Lieserer Schlossberg. They were spontaneously fermented in a single 225-litre French oak barrel, using only natural yeast.

This is a fruit-forward Riesling, in which the complex aromas of the barrel play am important supporting role.

But what to call such a special wine?

“Pilot” recalls our beloved father, grandfather and passionate private pilot John Goudy, who passed away during the previous harvest in October 2021. The propeller of his Piper Cub graces the label of this unique Riesling.

This limited wine is available in 111 specially filled, hand-numbered Magnum bottles, with or without individual wooden gift box.