2022 Niederberg-Helden Riesling



Produkt enthält: 750 ml

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Our flagship Riesling is a joy to drink every year!

This Riesling is light and elegant. A layered white wine that suits almost any occasion. Serve this off-dry Mosel Riesling with pork or vegetables as well as fish, white meat or something from the wok.

This hand-picked Riesling from the Moselle comes from the Niederberg-Helden vineyard in our Heinmatort Lieser. The wine is constantly monitored during fermentation. When the optimum residual sugar content has been reached, we stop the fermentation process by cooling it down in order to achieve a perfect result.

The wine then rests on its fine lees in stainless steel tanks until bottling in the spring. With its fine fruity notes, pleasant acidity and residual sugar, our Riesling Niederberg-Helden is reminiscent of a youthful go-getter.