Spätburgunder Trocken 2019

9,20€ / 1Liter



Spätburgunder trocken

This Pinot Noir is exactly the classic color you learn about in the books. It is cherry red with light violet accents, which excellently displays the youth of the wine.

On the nose, the fruit aromas are clear and typical of Pinot Noir, including raspberry, sour cherry and, above all, strawberry.

On the palate this Mosel Pinot Noir shows us its full power: wonderfully integrated acidity and a mouth feel that is not too dry despite having almost no residual sugar. Even the high alcohol content due to the hot summer is not reflected in the taste. Very pleasant tannins and the distinctive red berry aroma of strawberry and currant make this Pinot Noir an ideal companion for a summer BBQ.